Would You Quit School for $100K? Thiel Fellowship Awards Young Techies Money to Pursue Dreams #NoCollegeNecessary

We have all heard the phrase “remain in school.” It ended up being a motto sung by our parents and teachers, and much more lately, Nicki Minaj (always.) 

Young individuals, nevertheless, are really supporting to get the of classroom out, plus they are giving a select few bring their thoughts to life 

The Thiel Fellowship is a two-year fellowship application created to support young people that aspire to create things that are new, including startup companies and app development. The fellowship considers school is an excellent spot to learn in what’s recently been done, but feels students might really discourage from attempting something new. 

Unsurprisingly, plenty of controversy is waking. All things considered, it goes against everything we have been educated about that leads to a joyful and successful life, which is, work hard, visit school, and find a great-paying occupation. This might have become the situation before, but also a school instruction, for the millennial generation, sadly, no longer guarantees graduates a risk-free occupation, making many having a riches of student loan debt hanging above their heads, below or unemployed. 

Most that have finished the fellowship believed they learned more concerning the company world than they ever could have in a classroom. Since its beginning in 2011, 83 chosen guys have gone on to begin businesses raising $29 million in net sales, and $73 million in investments, based on Business Insider. 

As the fellowship is a two-year plan, guys that are taken are, obviously, welcome to go back to school after its end, and a few do. As they overlooked the social aspect given by the normal school experience a couple of accepted to the plan have left the program early. Nevertheless, most said they were not unhappy with the decision they made, and also would definitely urge to others. 

What would you think regarding The Thiel Fellowship? If your child wished to drop out to pursue their visions can you switch, or would you wish something similar to this was around when you were in school? Tell us in the comments! 

You may also take a look at this video created WIRED, featuring 2014 Thiel Fellowship victor! For more information regarding The Thiel Fellowship, see them at thielfellowship.org. 

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