Traffic Hurricane Review – Great Business Opporunity Or a Big Scam?

Hey everyone, welcome to my Traffic Hurricane Review

There’s been some buzz relating to this business, so do my own diligence and I made the decision to check it out.

It is likely that an affiliate in Traffic Hurricane approached you and today you’re scanning this blog post as you need to ensure it’s really legit.

Well, you came to the correct location because in order to make the best choice, I’m planning to help you get through the business, products and compensation plan.

Only pay close attention and read this to the ending…

Traffic Hurricane Review

Traffic Hurricane Review – What’s it?

Traffic Hurricane is in fact a RevShare business united… as well as a traffic exchange business

There’s really no info on who’s the owner or direction supporting the business as soon as I checked out the Traffic Hurricane web site.

The specific enrollment info was place to private…, although I checked out the domain registration info on “” and found out it was enrolled th

Finally I located a Facebook post who disclosed Earnie Ganz as whoever owns the business.

He was among the best earners in an organization called Traffic Monsoon which later on was shut down from the SEC.

That business is experiencing a legal conflict.

But lets face it, the SEC is a large scam as well difficult to convey lol.

Alright, let’s get to the merchandises next…

Traffic Hurricane Reviews – The Product Line

This can be an exact replica of Traffic Monsoon from the merchandise and services…

In Adpacks, you invested $50 in TM to acquire some sort of ROI back…

Usually this was $55.

It’s no distinct here

Precise same formula.

When Adpacks is invested in by you, you get promotion credits which may be used to market banner ads on their site.

50 ads daily must also click to qualify to bring in the ROI.

You can even get marketing credits without clicking advertisements, have a look at their pricing:

Traffic Exchange Credit Costs

  • 1000 visitor credits $5.95
  • 2500 visitor credits $13.95
  • 5000 visitor credits $27.95
  • 10,000 visitor credits $49.95
  • 15,000 visitor credits $74.95
  • 25,000 visitors credits $119.95
  • 50,000 visitor credits $229.95

Hurricane Traffic Bundle Costs

  • 2,500 visitor credits $5.00
  • 5,000 visitor credits $9.00
  • 10,000 visitor credits $16.00
  • 25,000 visitor credits $38.00
  • 50,000 visitor credits $70.00
  • 100,000 visitor credits $130.00
  • 200,000 visitor credits $250.00
  • 500,000 visitor credits $600

Profit Sharing Services

  • Pay Per Click Banner Advertising Efforts
  • Pay Per Click Text Ad Campaigns
  • Traffic Exchange Start Pages
  • Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
  • Hurricane Traffic Packages
  • Login Advertising

Traffic Hurricane Settlement Strategy

There are a couple of means to generate profits in this comp strategy…

Another is sponsoring individuals who purchase Adpacks after is clicking on Cash links.

Cash Link Payouts

When you log in the back office, you occasionally have cash links you can click that gives additional money to you.

This can be what that seems like:

  • .00 => 50 visitors = $0.02 per click. $0.01 goes to clicker, and $0.01 goes to sponsor. Visitor stays in your website 30 seconds.
  • .00 => 25 visitors = $0.04 per click. $0.02 goes to clicker, and $0.02 goes to sponsor. Visitor stays on your own website 60 seconds.

Make sure to be eligible because of this, at least 10 advertising got to click in the traffic exchange daily.

AdPack Payouts

It’ll pay you up to $55 through time, when you invest $50 in a Adpack.

You have to click on 50 Ads daily that last 5 seconds each… to qualify for the Adpack payout

Referral Percentage Payout

You get 10% on it when you sponsor someone in the company who purchases a Adpack.

To put it differently, you may make $5 per member that purchases a Adpack.

Price To Join Traffic Hurricane

The Traffic Hurricane affiliate membership is free, but you have to buy at least one $50 Adpack should you would like to generate income in the business opportunity.

Traffic Hurricane Review – The Verdict

Traffic Hurricane I think isn’t actually a scam, but other wise is thought by the SEC.

Up to now they’ven’t that’s a big issue and done anything different.

Recall Traffic Monsoon ran for about 2 years prior to the SEC shut down them.

All those affiliates that went all out essentially lost their investment now.

At the moment Traffic Hurricane might go beneath the radar, but it’s going to most likely endure exactly the same destiny when it gets large enough.

I for those who have some questions, leave them in the opinions below… and am hoping you appreciated my Traffic Hurricane review

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