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Ever thought about how to start a craft business? This post is for you — it’s packed full of tips and secrets that will assist you start a craft business now!

Do you like to make crafts?

Can you invest hours upon hours covered in glue and glitter?

Are you interested in figuring out how to start a craft business of your own?

Welcome, you’re in the Perfect Location!

I have been a crafter since the beginning of time (nicely, my period anyway) and I have a vast array of crafting skills from applique for scrapbooking. I’m really a “jane of all trades” when it has to do with crafts and I’m pleased to say I really like working with all mediums (at least those I have tried! ).

Crafting is a lot of fun, why stay with just one thing?

As you know, I have been conducting my own business for 10 years now and during those years I have mainly stuck using stationery and paper products. What could I say? I have a love of newspaper.

However, I have also dipped my toes into some other craft companies including soap making, candy making as well as some woodworking. I have sold artwork, photographs and once, I attempted to market a few sewing projects…but I have not very good at it!

I have tried out a great deal of things over the years and in spite of how some of my companies have “floated down the lake”, I have really learned A LOT about how to start a craft enterprise. So, now I’m taking you from idea to bank accounts and I’m going to teach you how you can start a craft business you will absolutely love! I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for making a business that you could be proud of sharing with the entire world.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

How to Start a Craft Business

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 5

What Will You Sell?

This is absolutely the toughest question of them all to reply whenever you are starting a craft business. What can you sell people will actually want to buy?

It is a hard one and unfortunately there isn’t any straight answer. People today buy odd items. What might seem interesting for you might seem completely off the wall for me.

Therefore, the real question is not exactly what will people buy, but what are YOU proficient at creating?

What do you enjoy creating you could wind up doing over and over and over and over and over again?

When you have the answer to that question you’ll understand what to market. Since in the event that you’re able to show fire in your work, no matter what it really is, then, people will purchase it. You have to show to people your product is so unique for you, it needs to be unique for them, also. And then, they’ll not only buy it, they’ll beg for it.

Don’t create a hodgepodge of crafts! Really take some time to determine where you need to match in the art world. I’m not saying that you need to choose a single goods and adhere to it indefinitely, but think about starting with a specific category.

As an example, my business is paper and stationery products, but it does not mean I’m limited to paper products. It only means that I must stick with products for the home and office. My client base would think I’m crazy if I started selling panties.

Truly, take some time and think of what you need to create and what you want to market.

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Where Will You Purchase Materials?

When you’ve considered what you could sell, it’s time to produce a listing of materials. Don’t go racing to your community craft store and purchase a bunch of junk!

Simply take the moment, sit down and compose a listing of all of the materials you need to start a craft business in the field you have chosen.

For Instance, If you have chosen to make t-shirts, you’ll want:

  1. T-shirts
  2. design software
  3. printer
  4. warmth press

After you have written out your listing of materials, start looking for coupons and discounts from your favourite craft shops. Don’t rush out and buy wholesale, but buy clever! Start small and work your way up to purchasing your stuff in bulk amounts.

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 7

Where Will You Sell Your Crafts?

Do you intend to start a craft business on the internet or will you be selling your wares locally?

If you are going to market on line, I highly recommend you get your start with Etsy. I have been selling there for more than 10 years and I love every minute of it.

Of course, you can always sell your crafts on eBay or Craigslist, too, but I think Etsy is the better choice. Call me bias, but I earn an adequate income every month and I’m horrible at marketing. If it wasn’t for the Etsy hunt, I would not have half of the sales.

If selling your wares locally is your thing, then start exploring art shows, flea markets, farmers markets or markets and festivals in your area. The majority of these events will have a web site or in minimum a Facebook page. Find the contact information for vendors and register to start selling.

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 9

What Licenses Does Your Kind of Business Require?

I can’t help you here, but most countries require that you have at least a peddler’s permit plus a sales tax identification number so as to market your goods. Proceed to a state’s site and study what permits or licenses are needed for your type of business.

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 8

What Kind of Marketing Will You Work With to Tell People About Your Craft Business?

There are so many methods to market your business, why restrict yourself to just one! However, once you’re just starting out, it’s understandable your marketing budget will be small…very small…probably zero.

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Rather than blowing all your cash on a crazy marketing strategy, get out the word by word of mouth, then create a press release to your community newspaper, start a site and tell the entire world on social media. When your craft business takes away, then you are able to look at spending a little bit of cash on Facebook ads, Pinterest Ads and a crazy television firm. However, for the time being, save cash.

Hopefully by the time you’ve read through this, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of how to start a craft business, regardless of your specialization. It is a great deal of work, my friends. Some of it is not interesting, there are times when you’ll want to run, screaming, supporting the mountains or something, but in the end it’s all worth it. Honestly, working on your own, seeing something which you create come to fruition? There is no better feeling.

Have a Spectacular Day!

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