Getting Flight Delay Compensation

When flying within the UK and Europe, you are entitled to flight delay compensation if your flight is more than a few hours late, if you miss a connection, or if you are forced to stay somewhere overnight. This compensation ranges from a few pounds for minor delays to the cost of your ticket or reasonable accommodation and part of the cost of your ticket for some missed connections and overnight stays. Visit this site to take help and know your rights in regards to this compensation can make it easier to deal with flights that have been delayed or canceled and can make up for any income loss or extra money spent on organizing new transportation from the airport when you finally arrive.

Great tip from flight delay claims 4u that if you are entitled to compensation by law, most airlines will not mention this unless you ask. This is because they don’t expect most people to know that they are entitled to compensation and they hope that people will not take advantage of what they are owed. However, airlines will have the money and accommodations set aside for travelers who do ask, so there should be no hassle when claiming what you are owed.

British law dictates what you are owed in each situation, with every airline being required to comply with the law. If a company is flying in or out of Europe, they are held to the same standard as everyone else. Any company that claims they have a waiver or some kind of exemption should be reported and will be required to offer compensation to everyone that they have wronged.

Knowing your rights when it comes to flight delay compensation can save you from spending a cold night in the airport or from losing income due to delayed baggage and missed flights. Never be afraid to ask for the compensation that you are owed.

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