Lives will be lost since Agencies are cut by hospitals ‘unless there Is more Money’, says NHS finance watchdog

HOSPITALS will have to cut services unless they get more money, the head of the NHS finance watchdog has warned.

Chief Executive of NHS Improvement Jim Mackey explained the health service desperately needs a funding injection before “items move pop”

The chief executive of NHS Improvement said many hopes are currently “juggling hand to mouth”.

Ahead of this Autumn Budget later this month, Mr Mackey told the NHS Providers conference: “If there is no more cash in the budget I believe we need to be sitting down and agreeing publicly and as a collective what’s actually possible to send within that resource.

Hospitals need an emergency cash injection or face further cutbacks

“It is simple to de-prioritise optional care [non-emergency operations], but if you are 85 and you can not walk,

We are likely to shorten your lifetime. That is incorrect.”

The warning comes as three health that is leading think tanks assert NHS rationing will worsen unless ministers pump by next year at an 4 billion.

Janet Davies, head of the Royal College of Nursing said ‘A meaningful cash injection in the Chancellor will make the NHS safer’

Chris Ham, head of The King’s Fund, said: “After seven decades of austerity, the most striking improvements made in health care over the past twenty years are at risk of slipping away.

“The message is clear – unless the government finds that the money that the NHS and social care demand, patients and their families will endure the consequences.” Janet Davies, head of the Royal College of Nursing, warned that the NHS is “teetering to a fiscal cliff edge”.

She said: “A meaningful cash injection in the Chancellor will make the NHS safer, not least by halting the haemorrhaging of staff.”


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character will be lost since hospitals cut providers ‘unless there is more money’, says NHS finance watchdog

NHS watchdogs warn of a serious shortage of financing, Jim Mackey reported the health service desperately wants a funding shot before “things move pop”.

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